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DISCovering was established by Morgan Pierse after 17 years working in an international accountancy firm. We believe organisations are successful because people are successful and we are dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organisations in realising their performance potential. We bring 28 years of global experience, working in more than 50 countries around the world to our vast array of clients and backgrounds.


We partner with global organisations such as the Ken Blanchard Companies, Wiley Publishing and RocheMartin, to design individual, team and organisational interventions that help our clients continually grow, develop and succeed in an ever-changing and challenging environment.

We take great pride in this small but critical input that we have in our clients success and satisfaction in their chosen area of achievement.

Our Team (about)
Morgan Pierse
Consulting Partner

Morgan Pierse is the Managing Director of Strategic Results Management Ltd. and a Consulting Associate for the Ken Blanchard Companies®. He is a highly respected and experienced management consultant and a leading strategic facilitator, trainer, motivational speaker and executive coach. His philosophy of developing organisations and individuals to reach their full potential is central to his work. He is known for his skills in creating effective team environments, full of humour and sound business fundamentals.

He assists numerous European based multinationals in creating the relevant organisational environment and skills to successfully manage their on-going strategic change initiatives. Through leadership, teams, service and change skills programmes, Morgan uses his business knowledge to link learning to real life business impact issues.

Morgan has worked in more than 50 countries and has a deep understanding of both the cultural and geographical complexities of international business. His industry experience spans a broad cross section including telecommunications, information technology, retail, energy, health, pharma, financial services, manufacturing, distribution and government agencies. Prior to commencing his career in organisational development, Morgan was a partner in an international accountancy firm, served on the Public Practice Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and was a director in a number of leading private companies.

Morgan has played golf and rugby at representative level and enjoys all sporting related activities. He has managed professional sportspeople and enjoys assisting young people in choosing the appropriate career paths to follow.

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