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Our clients range from Professional, Major Global Enterprise, Not-for-Profit Organisations, Government & State Bodies to Individuals and Young Entrepreneurial Companies.

Our clients are based on five continents, and in more than 50 countries around the globe. We have worked in high-tech, pharma, retail manufacturing, sales and distribution, telecommunications, marketing, engineering, banking and finance.

We work with Chief Executives right through to the on-boarding of new employees. Our clients choose us and we choose our clients based on our shared purpose, values and belief in the potential of their people.


“Over the past decade, I have collaborated with Morgan in developing a number of senior leadership teams around the world. I have found his adaptive approach towards building teams both insightful and  impactful in terms of the sustained results that these teams subsequently deliver. His advice is sought out and valued by our senior team leaders around the world.”

Gerry Rogers, Vice President, Global Sourcing and Manufacturing, Nike Inc.

"I have worked with Morgan (and the Blanchard organisation) across a number of programs over the years and his ability to mould program content into practical and implementable models that yield successful results is remarkable.  Much of his success stems from his inimitable personal energy and business experience."

Denis Cambridge, Divisional Manager, ESB Networks Ltd.

"I have worked with Morgan for the last four years, as a facilitator of specific training courses, as a team, purpose, values & strategy development partner and as a mentor and coach. Morgan has a very robust commercial background as a business leader. He also has  scientific and academic credibility and a very honest and pragmatic style that lends itself to making you feel very confident, about your own leadership development as well as that of your team and as a peer and a subordinate. He is always ready to challenge me and keep me honest and balanced as I form my perspective. He is also ready to jump in when there are very real and immediate challenges, that require a balanced and objective view. Providing reassurance that I am doing the right things; often validating or supporting me to act upon my instincts and experience. Morgan has supported me with developing my team, increasing my contribution as a leader and developing me to be successful in my career. I value my relationship and the work that I have done and continue to do with Morgan very highly."

Billy Stone, Senior Director Revenue Growth Management, Johnson & Johnson EMEA 

 “Morgan is  a great facilitator – always close to the needs of the company and to the participants!”

Stefan Stenzel , Senior Expert Consultant, Global Management Development, SAP

“Through many years of training and coaching leaders at all levels in diverse organisations across the globe, Morgan has accumulated a wealth of understanding and insights about personal, interpersonal, managerial and leadership effectiveness.  I have always found him to be very generous with his knowledge and time and to be extremely supportive towards those genuinely seeking to introduce positive organisational change through the development of people.  Over the years I have learned, and continue to learn, a great deal from Morgan.  It has been a richly rewarding relationship for me and my company and I regard him as a trusted advisor and confidante.”

Paul Doherty, L&D Manager, Gas Networks Ireland

“It was an amazing experience to interact with fellow friends from different countries on the topic of Change leadership; Morgan was amazing!”

“It was a great training session and I have some key take away's that will assist me in H2 and moving forward. Morgan is a great presenter and he related to the topics on hand.” 

“A great experience & well facilitated by Morgan.  Some good takeaways which will be applied to the business. Thank you.” 

Liat Doron, International Business Partner, Checkpoint Software Technologies

“Morgan is one of the most inspiring speakers and consultants I have worked with in the last 27 years. With Morgan I have learned a lot about people, leaders and relationships”. 

Francisco Menezes, Head of Leadership Development, Nokia

“Morgan has been a mentor to myself and my co-founder Ivan for over 5 years now. Over that time he has provided us with invaluable support and advice in many areas of business and life in general. Morgan has become one of very few people I trust to work closely with our team in the knowledge that he fully understands our culture and goals. Morgan has the ability to keep things simple and keep everybody focused on achieving our company’s goals. He is a man of the highest integrity, is available to us 24/7 and works globally wherever we need him.”

John Mc Hugh, TNS Distribution

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