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Building a Team Charter

The Magna Carta from the twelfth century influenced the founding American constitution and is probably the first example of a Team Charter.

Team Charters are the foundations of any high performing team. They are the agreements that the team has in place which outlines: What it is that the team does? Who it does it for? Why is it important to do it? What values govern how it pursues its purpose? What vision and goals has the team In place at a point in time? What roles and responsibilities do the team members have? How are decisions made? How does the team communicate inside and outside the group? and What are the generally expected and acceptable focus of behaviour within the team?


The answers to these questions emerge gradually over a period of time in successful teams.


At DISCovering, we believe any team or group interested in achievement need to address these issues up front so that the journey to a high performing team can begin in earnest giving every chance of success.

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