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Creating Your Organisation's Future

Almost every article and book we read today on high-performing organisations emphasises the role of a shared vision.

Whether we think of the best organisation or team we have ever been associated with, or we think of the history of nations that have accomplished great things, we must acknowledge the role that a shared vision has played.

People have the right to work in organisations that have a positive purpose for the future. Individuals should be able to see purpose and meaning in their daily work activities. This connection between organisational purpose and individual values comes alive through a clear, articulated, organisational vision. The organisational vision does not have to be something magical or elusive - each member can share in the formulation and communication of an organisational vision.

At DISCovering, our program is about facilitating the creation of a compelling organisational vision and identifying the means to achieve it. It is about finding the common ground between organisational purpose and values, to unite and empower individuals, yet at the same time enliven and strengthen the organisations capacity to act and react.

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