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Self-Management & Coaching

"Only when we learn to lead ourselves can we truly focus and excel at leading others."

We, at DISCovering, believe that it is never too early or too late to learn to manage yourself. So whether you are a student or a Chief Executive, your self-leadership skills are crucial to your success.

The starting point for Emotional Intelligence is understanding your own emotions and then controlling and managing them. Your personal fitness of body and mind contribute greatly to your capacity to grow as a leader.

From early in your career you need to be able to manage upwards (Manage your Boss) to be able to get what you need to be effective and successful. Setting goals is the start of knowing where you are going but it is always wise to have a coach who will hold you accountable to closing the gap between your intentions and your behaviour.

At DISCovering, we offer a wide variety of interventions for individuals to become better self-leaders.

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